Welcome To Urban Indian

Our Story

Raised in a modest, multicultural and multiregional  family, I had spent most of my early years with mom and aunt in their kitchen where she was regularly cooking different Indian delicacies. Very soon I started to help her with chores around the kitchen and was amazed to see  different techniques of cooking and spices used. I learned how food can narrate a story and convey the cultural ideas, as well as how it brings people together. This reflected my dedication to nourishing food as well as heritage.

Growing up I was also watching people cook on cooking shows that came up on TV and those cooking shows made me more interested because I was learning more about food that I didn’t know.

Also thank you to my sister who has always been my guinea pig for all my trials and experiments.

As time passed, I began to receive requests from friends to cater their events and special occasions. I just felt it was the right time to take up “URBAN INDIAN” and grow it-An inherited skills passed to generations and most importantly follow my passion as my profession. Cooking always made me happy, that’s when I decided to follow my passion, though an engineering graduate, I decided my passion as my future.

Products Used

We only use fresh ingredients,  so our business model is set up in a way that we only buy and prepare vegetables/meat etc the same day upon order.

Our Motto

Welcome to our growing community, we are on a mission to build a zero waste food business that makes delicious healthy eating and enjoyable for everyone. All our dishes are lovingly handmade in small batches by me just like you do at home.

Love, SNEHA.